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Humanity comes in all sizes, shapes, colors, ages and sensibilities.

As “souls” we manifest differently.

Genetics, circumstances, nature and nurture mold us into who we are and how we appear to the rest of the world.  These different circumstances that impact our lives

Create our massively diverse population.  Consequently we often forget that we are cut from the same cloth.

No mater how educated…beautiful…poor…rich…. sick…young…old…

Disfigured…mentally or physically challenged…the one thing that remains the same is our humanness.

We respond to one another according to how we perceive each other. We judge people by their outward appearances. We feel uncomfortable with what is not familiar to us.

Our discomfort creates some odd behavior. We might avoid saying hi to a disabled person. . We may speak differently to the old as if they were no longer our equals. We might speak to one who has had a stroke as if they were juvenile and less intelligent. We might avert our eyes to the disfigured and feel unable to just say hi.  We might feel superior to the feeble. We might feel less than to a “genius”. We might feel envy of the rich. We might feel not as desirable as the beautiful.  We might feel judgment of one’s gender misidentifies. We might feel helpless with the gravely ill so we don’t visit. We might forget to treat the sick child as a kid and convey more pity than comfort.

My dear friend and life coach Jennifer Grace thought the term “storm chaser” might be a way to describe what I do. No…I don’t chase weather but I do love to photograph people who weather storms. What I often see is the fierceness of the human spirit. Those being photographed are as much creators of the images I shoot as I am. I really feel we are co-creators  in making pictures that have both authenticity and love. With no hidden agenda. I share my vision of them as a gift. No surprise, in return I have been graced with a whole lot of love.

What we might forget to see is our common humanity.

We might forget that we are part of the same tribe.

“Don’t Judge People’s Insides By Their Outsides” & “You’re As Sick Your Secrets”

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