Haiti – Kids, Life and Hope

Haiti – Kids, Life and Hope

These are images of humans in Haiti. I visited two orphanages, one in San Repos and one in St. Marc. Scott Bonnell of HopetoHaiti created these safe havens. His goal was to help one child at a time. The foundation provides food, shelter, education, safety and hope to...

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Robert,  A Spiritual Trock

Robert, A Spiritual Trock

Dance performances can be boring. Not so when one watches the Ballet Trockadero De Monte Carlo. The company is comprised of dancers who happen to be all men. They perform the classics. They dance in toe shoes, tutus and tiaras. While the dancing is beautifully...

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“It’s one thing to photograph people. It is another to make others care about them by revealing the core of their humanness” Paul Strand

My hope is that these essays will depict our sameness and not our differences. Compassion feeds the soul. We are part of the same family, our human collective.

If we risk an awkward moment and open our hearts, our lives will be enriched.