Learn about my favorite Addiction Recovery Tool

Emotional and physical sobriety is a daily habit, at least for me.

I’ve created Recovery Boards to help me stay focused, centered and grounded, check it out:

Maybe you or a loved one is doing the dance of Recovery

I know the Recovery Dance.

First, because I’ve been on the journey for nearly forty years.

Second, because I actually am a dancer. As in a professional trained in NYC. It was in that world of glamour, flash and fancy that I both danced (on a stage) and danced with a variety of addictions.

I’m now a saucy senior with a professional photography business. I found tools that worked for me to move from rock bottom to build a life of meaning where I am living on purpose. That is my life now. And it took time. And it takes work.

Yet, for me, maybe like you, it all started in the rooms.

Note, however, that “the rooms” are not the only tool or technique that’s been vital to my wellness.

One thing I know is that I found my footing on the Recovery Path in ways that were meaningful to me, in addition to the more traditional tools of “the rooms” and my therapist’s couch.

My tools help me find focus, enjoyment and also to stay present. When I don’t ‘check out’, but I focus on flourishing through engaging in what brings me joy, I don’t lose my center.

And when I stay centered,
I don’t want to use and engage in self-destructive behaviors

One of those tools, for me, is photography, especially in Nature. Specifically, flowers, which I’ve crafted into a fine art.

Maybe you’ve heard of vision boards?

Maybe, like me, you have post-its on your mirror to remind you of the slogans of 12 Step Programs or the Serenity Prayer or something positive and uplifting?

Recovery Boards live in your space with you.

The beauty of the photographs soothes your soul.

The quotes uplift your heart.

I have found that as I remind myself of my best self, it helps me recover my joy, my innocence and my hope.

Listen to more of my story here:

To be human is to be always walking toward recovery.

 Spending time in Nature helps me.

Photographing the wonderous beauty of Nature helps me.

Collecting “wisdom quotes” grounds me.

I’ve combined them all in what I’m offering here, for the first time ever.

 My recovery has been ongoing.

I’ve found tools that help me stay centered.

Here I share with you the beautiful products you can benefit from and use.

 May they serve you well on your Recovery Journey.

These Recovery Boards are visual reminders of the Beauty of Life that surrounds you. I’ve captured these images from my garden to places abroad, tuning into the tiny inner workings of a flower, for example, which inspires awe in my heart. Anytime I touch awe, I sense wonder moving into my heart. And when I look at Life as wonderous, my Recovery Journey somehow feels more possible, present and potent.

Once I capture the visuals, which is a co-creation between My Lens & Me, you’ll see I marry each “beauty shot” with an equally inspiring Wisdom Quote. Mounted on a special Dry Erase Board material, and voila! My labor of love from the daily walk of wellness becomes…

An Inspirational Recovery Board

These instructions are very much like the Recovery Journey. Taking a fresh start each moment and each day, discarding the old and turning toward the new while staying centered and grounded helps keep us on the path.

Hear it from others…

“I love my recovery board because I use it as a tool to stay in touch and to continue growing. It helps me stay focused on my healing and recovery and not on things that aren’t important. I use it faithfully everyday. When I use it I feel much better”.

Cameron C.

A recovering human

“I received a Recovery Board as a gift from one of the most genuine people in my life, and that is just the beginning of why I love it. Lisa’s statements and images are so bold that I’m energized to set my own intentions. I work in a very corporate space, and my vision board helps keep me sane. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product!”


A recovering human

“Gratitude is everything to me. Without it my lows are dark. With it my cloudy days turn bright. I see my Recovery Board throughout the day as it sits on my desk. It reminds me to feel grateful for what I have, not focused on what I don’t. It keeps me showing up in the moment. I gifted it to myself. My life is worth it.”

Ellen D.

A recovering human

“Recovery Boards make wonderful gifts. I sent them as gifts to friends of all ages. Writing daily notes can go a long way to decrease stress and increase gratitude by writing what you are grateful for. I use mine to help me focus on my goals by keeping it visible at home.
So appreciate the boards and the shopping experience.”

Eva Ritvo

Author of Be Kindr, Psychiatrist

“I have several boards. They are more than just beautiful, as when I look at them I feel inspired. On difficult days seeing “this too shall pass” is comforting.
I have one in my bathroom where I write prayers. Another sits on my desk. I use this one to set intentions for my success. The one in my laundry room is for my to-do list. What I love most is that when I see my boards they give me a sense of peace.”

Claire F.

A recovering human

“I received a recovery board with my favorite quote as a gift. I have it hanged on my kitchen wall. To my surprise people who came to my house have been leaving kind notes expressing their love to me. Best gift ever!” 

Hugo S.

A recovering human

The instructions are simple.

Write on it.
Erase the old,
write anew.


We each can turn down the voice in our head that keeps us in the repetitive pattern of addiction

I often need to be reminded that life is about progress not perfection.

So my Recovery Board is my reminder that day with that message. Then I erase it and months later might write it again.

I am unlearning what didn’t work, for decades, and relearning what does.

Moment by moment.

Breath by breath.

Wisdom Quote by Wisdom Quote.

What I do know is that this tool works.

I know we each merit love, happiness, wellness and sobriety.

We are perfectly imperfect, and that is enough.

There is a quote attributed to the Buddha, “when the student is ready the Master appears.”

May you keep walking your path of the Recovery Journey.  May a Recovery Board be a tool of daily comfort & courage.

Progress Not Perfection.

In Radical Gratitude, Lisa

Lisa Nalven

Photojournalist | Dancer | Philanthropist

I am a work in progress. I aim to show up for myself and others with love and kindness. It’s not my job to fix another person. It’s my job to keep the focus on myself. I allow my feelings to arise and flow through me without picking up self-destructive behaviors or substance. This is what recovery looks like to me.

May we all find our path. May we all find our peace. May we all find our joy.

Three Passions

As a recovering human, I’m thrilled to share my three passions with you = Photograpy + Wisdom + Recovery. I’ve found working with a daily phrase helps me stay grounded, so I’ve curated some that have helped me and combined them with my favorite flower fine art.

How I do the daily dance of recovery is sometimes magical, others mysterious and others…messy. But I have a husband who’s committed also to his sobriety. This way I’m not on the path alone. Neither are you.

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Lisa Nalven is a photographer of peeps under any circumstances. My Lens and Me Capture Love On Life's Terms as a heart-centered member of Our Collective Humanity.