“Essentially what Photography is, is life lit up”. Sam Abell

Way back when, I was a professional modern dancer in NYC. My wanderlust was piqued while I toured the world in two major companies. Naturally, I took lots of pictures. Although I wasn’t very good, I fell in love. I was enthralled by different cultures and the sameness of our humanity. I began to learn how to choreograph an image and as one career wound down, another geared up.

I grew up in a bar/restaurant/nightclub owned and operated by my family. Along with my mother’s infectious kindness, this gave me the skills to talk and connect with all sorts from all walks of life. And for the record, this was the late 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. It was quite an education.

I am a people photographer. I am a travel photographer. I am a dedicated photo philanthropist. I create photo essays in Our Collective Humanity to elicit empathy, love, and compassion.

Now, for something new, I am a floral photographer and I’m in love, again.

In the macro universe I am bug-eyed and awed. One can find serenity in nature. Now more than ever, as we are in such tumultuous times, I feel blessed to be co-creating with mother nature. 




In nature, the macro universe, I am bug-eyed and awed.

I am still available for commissioned work. Whether creating new branding for coaches and influencers, capturing a portrait that expresses truth, illustrating the value of a not for profit, or photographing a person with late stage cancer, my goal is the same; capturing our humanity. I’m here to capture and share it. I’m here to co-create.

In gratitude, Lisa

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