I have never been one to read too much into art. Art is personal, and your perception is perfect.

 When I was a professional dancer in NYC back in the day, I was often asked about the meaning of the choreography. My response was, whatever it meant to you was its intent. The joy of movement was enough for me. I had the great fortune to dance with Louis Falco. Although immensely challenging it was also euphoric. Additionally, he created works with deep meaning. Us dancers acted out archetypal patterning, the hero’s journey, the dark night of the soul, and the messy world of relationships. At times they were gut-wrenching and yet they were deeply healing.

 My fine art flowers are to be viewed through the minds of the beholders, like all beauty. But at the very least they need names and product descriptions. Consequently in this process, I share my wisdom as a life-long seeker. I vacillate between giving myself a pat on the back and often times cringing while feeling a bit pretentious.

I know art is good for the soul. Science tells us it heals. It can be provocative or soothing. Our culture has taught us to question what we like. Critics of all art genres deem what’s of value. They can make or break an artist. So my suggestion is to go with your gut. Take what you like and leave the rest. Make something up. It’s all good.