“The only constant is change.” Heraclitus

Pandemics happen. Impermanence happens.  Hard times are happening. I, along with the rest of the world, am struggling to remain upbeat. I send my heartfelt love, and wishes for good health, to you and yours. 

As a result of being sequestered, I’m excited to share that I’ve built a store on Shopify. It morphed into something I didn’t expect at all. Our Collective Humanity Shop is a Fine Art Flower Site For Seekers. It wasn’t calculated, it just happened organically.  It’s an extension of who I am, a life-long learner and seeker. I’m way out of my comfort zone, but I’m all in.

Boobalicious, a slightly manipulated agave thorn.

I hope that you will “follow” my journey. As much as tech drives me crazy it’s also amazing. With the help of a giving app, 5% of the gross sales will be donated to one of six charities chosen at checkout. I even created an e-book! It was a bit like herding cats and pulling teeth but I did it.   I’m excited to share it here.

“There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good.” Edwin Denby
Would you rather be right or happy?
If it rains on your parade, dance in it.

I’ve become obsessed with creating these Dry Erase Boards. I’m a big self-helper. 12 step programs, therapy, intention setting, and the like have brought me to where I am today, and I’m super grateful. I’m loving curating quotes and sharing what feels really personal to me. Maybe, just maybe, they help others as well. Now back to my personal photography and what else I’ve been up to since my last post.

Gaby and her beloved dragons.

The Bold Beauty Project presents exhibitions that feature women with varying different abilities; its mission is to change the perceptions of what it means to be beautiful and successful.  I participated with my niece Gabriela, which made it extra special for me. Gaby has cerebral palsy, survived a horrific car accident, and has survived childhood trauma.  I’m crazy about this image, as she is loving on her “dragons.” She is strong, resilient, and awesome, and of course, I love her too.

Check out Valeria. Her spirit shines brightly. She will make you smile for sure.

Bold Beauty exhibited at Art Palm Beach. I had a little time to play with some of the models. A very inspiring bunch of young women.

If you can read spanish…may I suggest Fuerza Sabri. She’s has a remarkable story and a fierce spirit.
Pictured here is Joy and her fiance. A Bold Beauty model and beautiful spirit as is her mom, Dr Eva Ritvo, co-director of Bold Beauty and author of the book, Bekinder.
Robert Zuckerman. photographer, philanthropist, and an all-around fabulous human living with APBD, Adult Polyglucosan Body Disease. His latest work Planet Portraits is a testament to his resilience and creativity.
A blessing from Rabbi Avrohom Lipsyc and son. I love this photo.
Maylan The Sunrise

I met Maylan Chavez at Bold Beauty. I learned about multiple system atrophy (MSA) while following her on social media. She shared fearlessly about living with a debilitating disease. She has a zest for life and I knew I wanted to co-create with her. She chose a sun goddess crown to reflect her sunny disposition. That’s who she is, full stop.  Lucky for me, sun goddesses and flowers work well together.

I describe what I do as “capturing love on life’s terms.” The love I witnessed, shown here, was palpable.  Simply love.

In June I photographed David and my good buddy Francois.

My dear friend Francois Szony and his porch partner..

David, Francois’s neighbor, was tons of fun. While showing off his rope swing, he let his inner child rip. 

I went back a couple of weeks later to photograph David with his beloved Peggy, who has pulmonary arterial hypertension that makes her very vulnerable to the “beast”. Their love was grand.

I’d like to end with a beginning, the rebirth of my beloved friend Francois Szony who transitioned on August 24th from COVID-19. Although I am heartbroken, I am grateful for our friendship. He lived a long, healthy, and full life, and for this, he was truly lucky.  You can check out one of my first blog posts. Francois Szony, Forever The Dancer.

I’d like to thank Damaris Ferrer for helping to keep Francois’s legacy alive. She has been distributing his costumes amongst the theatrical community to keep his legacy alive. Christopher is a great young dancer whose life has been touched by Francois. Pictured above from 5 years ago and most recently with a couple of Francois’s famous props.

On Franois’s 90th Birthday we celebrated at the Goldcoast Ballroom. He was 90, I was 60, Ashley Grub 30, and Christopher Lang Jr. was 5 years old. This is part of our little dance. This kind of celebration seems so foreign in today’s world. Thanks for the memories, Francois. Check out Christopher, who directed, danced in, and edited this VIDEO to advertise my Dry Erase Boards. At 10, he’s now my personal videographer.

Please check out our Dance by clicking on HERE.

Once again, thanks for being here. Shamelessly, I ask that you check out my new store and sign up.  This blog will remain for my personal work. Your address will not transfer to my new email list, you will need to sign up anew. This is my first commercial enterprise, and I’m on a big learning curve.  With fits and starts and lots of frustration, I’m opening.  Please bear with me as I figure it out. As you know, I’m no spring chicken and this tech stuff has been daunting! If you have any issues please let me know and I’d love some feedback.

“Piglet noticed that even though he had a rather small heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.” AA Milne

With a heart full of gratitude, Lisa 

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Thank You Sandrin Flint Photography for these beautiful photographs.