In October of 2015 I was at MD Anderson in Houston helping my brother Eric navigate his cancer treatment. Bob, a friend who worked at the hospital happened to tell me that a patient, Nicole Zimmerman, would be getting married that Sunday.  Nicole had just learned that her cancer was raging and she would need to push up the wedding. And quickly. 

It seemed only natural for me to offer my services. That Sunday I arrived, expecting a small makeshift wedding quickly thrown together with an intimate group of loved ones. I had no idea the local media had been following her story. The local anchorwomen had graciously arranged donations of everything needed to create a beautiful ceremony. I arrived with my camera, no makeup, and in my normal casual attire not knowing that I would now be part of her story. Needless to say it was a bittersweet wedding yet loving and joyous as a glowing Nicole Zimmerman married the father of her Three-year child.

For me it felt normal to show up. I think it’s more normal to give than to hold back when we’ve been blessed with a talent. Actually it might be because our talents are so much a part of our dharma that we, or at least I feel a bit tortured if I don’t share them.

Thank you Nicole and Fred Zimmerman for giving me the opportunity to bear witness to your love. Thank you for touching my heart and reminding me of our humanness.

And a big shout out to Fred for being a loving dad to Jalen Zimmerman.